Dementia research

Find out more about how scientists are beating dementia.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s scientists

Alzheimer’s Research UK raises money so that we can fund the research of talented dementia scientists across the UK. Thanks to our hardworking and generous supporters, we have funded over £60 million of research in over 600 different research projects. In total, that’s over 12 million hours of research focused on understanding the diseases that cause dementia to help those who are affected. But what do all these researchers actually do with their time?

Here’s a video of Selina Wray as she goes about a typical day in her lab at University College London.

Our scientists come from a range of backgrounds and have lots of different interests outside of the lab. Find out more about some of our scientists here:

abi-herman Abi Herrmann

Abi is working at the University of Edinburgh to understand why the connections between brain cells are lost in Alzheimer’s disease. Read her blog.

jay-amin Jay Amin

Jay is a doctor and dementia researcher who is working on how the body’s self-defence mechanism, the immune system could be involved in dementia with Lewy bodies. Read Jay’s blog.

Hannah Clarke Hannah Clarke

Hannah is studying how a sugar could be involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Find out more about Hannah and what makes her tick in her blog.

Anna Braae Anne Braae

Anne works at the University of Nottingham and is looking into how our genes can affect our risk of Alzheimer’s disease. What one thing could Anne not live without? Read her blog to find out!