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Not Alone – a song for my grandmother who has dementia

Harry was inspired to write this song after a difficult visit to his nan who has dementia. When he got back at home he sat at the piano and got all his emotions down into words. He said because of his music the family were finally able to talk about what was a difficult subject.

Radio and TV presenter Edith Bowman visited our dementia labs. This inspired her to work with us to narrate the stories ‘Grandad’s Hat’ and ‘When Grandma came to stay’.

Calling all artists! Can you draw the brain? Have a go and send it in.

Dan’s story

Dan’s Nan has dementia. Watch him talk about his Nan and the different ways dementia affects their relationship.

Were you mine? – a poem inspired by my great uncle

Strangers. They’re all staring at me. Sat in a gown, being fed by her. The nurse comforts me, despite us being strangers. Why does she hold my hand? Why does she call me dear?   Then a moment of clarity, my wife is sat there smiling at me. But her eyes aren’t young anymore, Her […]

Sophia’s Story

Sophia shares some of her experiences growing up with a family member who has dementia.

Your Amazing Brain

Dr Tim Rittman is an expert on the brain and doctor who helps people affected by dementia. Watch him explain more about the brain and how it works.

From Maisie, age 6

My granny sometimes forgets stuff a lot and I tried to help and it worked. Try to record nice memories of you and your granny or grandpa.❤️❤️❤️❤️???